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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Welcome Rakesh Sreenivasa

For the very first time, I received an email from a reader that wanted to contribute to this blog.

I would like to Welcome Rakesh as a contributor to this blog. Rakesh Sreenivasa will be publishing some documents on Oracle Apps Forms and Apps Reports, and who knows...may be more.

Hence I will add Rakesh as a contributor to this blog. Welcome on board Rakesh.

IMPORTANT NOTE:- I received another email where someone desired to use AudioVisual Workflow Training material of the blog in their training course. Surely I have denied them this request, because I do not want the knowledge on this blog/website to be sold. This information is free and should remain free. In case anyone ever discovers a professional training course using the material on this website in exchange of money, then please bring that to my attention by mailing me at anilpassi@gmail.com

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